From historical times, shipping has been the lifeline of every nation. In modern times, though shipping has become "strategic" as compared to the earlier status of being an "essential" link in the supply chain logistics. Industrial growth specially in the developing nations of Asia has become the driving force for movement of raw natural resources from nations rich in such resources similar to the oil movement from major crude oil producing zones in the world. China lately has been the biggest sustaining force of shipping activity in the world. Infrastructure development in China has given rise to a never seen before appetite of iron ore which is currently being exported by countries like Brazil, Australia, Indo and India to name a few.

Steel plants depend heavily on shipping to ensure the supply of raw materials is maintained which is most essential to keep the plants running. Power generation in countries like India & China is increasing at a rapid pace & with it the demand of thermal coal is increasing each day. Cement making industry too has a huge hunger for coal and clinker which form substantial chunk of commodities shipped all over the world. Grain movement from South America, Black Sea and Nopac remains a steady source of employment for various ships around the world and help ship owners maximize the return on their investments in ships. This in turn has a positive impact on ship building as ship owners invest in newer vessels ensuring the flow of modern bigger tonnage in place of older vessels that get scrapped. Fast improving vessel handling infrastructure at ports around the world has also improved the efficiency and turnaround time at ports.

In the midst of all this, Maricon becomes a very important link between ship owners & charterers. International shipping rules & culture are often not understood by the inexperienced charterer who can rely on Maricon experience to handle the intricacy of shipping. We guide our chtrs on long term vessel acquisitions plans, time charter operations, voyage operations, vessel manning and strategic joint ventures. Our strategy evolves from the feedback and experience in shipping accumulated over the years spent at sea from being a Deck Cadet to a Master which was followed by time spent in working ashore in various shipyards across the world and brokers shop in India. For the ship-owners, Maricon helps to develop an extensive cargo base, based on our interaction with cargo movers and end-users to keep their vessels employed judiciously.

Mission Statement
Maricon will create a pool of individuals who understand the spirit of commercial shipping and are able to handle various chartering matters with common sense as a maritime consultant & not just a ship broker.

Vision Maricon will provide a platform to the deserving & non deserving for growth in maritime field. Further Maricon is to make a mark in the industry by being a significant spoke of the Indian shipping wheel.

Core Values
Passion for shipping.
Keep shipping simple.
Trust & earn trust.
Respect & earn respect.  
Maricon shall set the standards of excellence in the industry.  

Short terms - to be active in all fields in shipping - dry bulk shipping, tankers, snp, futures market.
Medium term - to have a presence in market as commodity broker.
Long terms - to be numero uno in Maritime field by 2015.

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