Maricon has worked closely with below principals in the 1st year:-

Shipping corporations of India We take a lot of pride in working with ships owned by the state carrier. While it is a real challenge to work the aging fleet, it is also interesting to note that every Indian has an "owning" share in the SCI fleet by virtue of being a tax payer and hence the responsibility towards the asset.

Essel mining The best Indian iron ore chtr and also most difficult to match freight.

Western bulk The undisputed king of iron ore chtg in India Maricon will remain indebted for the support received at the crucial moment.

Visa chtg hk The silent coal mover.

Cross bridge shipping The 'game changer' and most inspirational chtg story of decade. We wish to reflect the same demeanor in our approach as well.

Iron ore - India to China

Owners fixed Pacbasin, western Bulk, klc, ebc, norden, clipper, sci, ocpl, crossbridge

Chtrs fixed Essel mining, bagadiya brothers, plutus, sara, raymetal, radiant, comtrack, minescape, heera steel, ps exim

Other close chtrs Noble, libra shipping, frost, globechart, ssoe, singhania coal to India

Owners fixed Klc, trafigura, ncs, noble, seastar, samsun, western Bulk, rbda

Chtrs fixed Pgsc, iof, visa, kyori, ohpl

Other close chtrs Libra shipping, maheswari brothers, sara, hzl, usl, lanco, tata, bpsl other cargoes

Coal Cape Parcels Rbct to India/China- recently fixed mv grand clipper and mv donga hermes

Wheat black sea to india / peas - nopac to india / sugar - brazil to china and india

Slag from japan to pg

General cargo acct oal or lighthouse navigation from se asia to red sea/mediterranean Sea

Baltic Exchange
Bunker World

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