Maricon was conceived somewhere during my career as a broker in India from 2007 to 2010.

Before becoming a broker I had completed 11 years with Tanker Pacific Singapore as Chief officer, Captain and finally a technical superintendent. The booming Indian real estate market & desire to be with my parents pulled me back to Delhi in 2007. My senior from Gesco days Capt Kapoor identified broking skills in me & promptly launched me as one with a computer and a "best view" seat in office. In these three years I learned commercial shipping something much beyond the simple sailor work that I had done on board ships for 16 years.

The most striking feature was the acceptance by so many people in the industry and the support which made this 2nd innings a memorable one. A small thing that always struck was the limitation of role as a broker which I thought was gross under utilization of someone's potential. This had to be addressed to remain interested in shipping & therefore it will be apt to say that the concept of "Maricon Maritime Consultant" originated from this desire to graduate upwards from being a broker and to be someone who can stand up and take the responsibility as was taught during the time spent at sea. June 2010 thus marked the birth of Maricon & since then we have proudly upheld the vision which shall continue to be the driving force in coming years.  

Capt. Mohit Kapoor
Master Mariner

Baltic Exchange
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